Midwifery Education in Libya


The RGU midwifery team are working with the University of Tripoli to develop a Diploma of Higher Education in Midwifery, based on the International Confederation of Midwives Curriculum and Core Competences for Midwives. This eleven month programme of midwifery education will be delivered to 250 midwives and nurses with existing experience in maternity care. This course is validated and accredited by the University of Tripoli.

22 Libyan lecturers have been selected to join the Faculty, who will deliver the course to the students. They are experienced practitioners – 16 obstetricians and 5 midwives.

  • They possess a wide variety of experience providing care to women and families. Mainly in hospital settings, but some of the midwives who work in rural areas have also conducted many home births.
  • The maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality is approximately four times that of the UK
  • Health issues similar to some of those in the UK – obesity, smoking (estimated ~50% of men smoke)
  • Libya has a large geographical region, 7 times the UK
  • Population 10 times less than UK
  • 90% of the population live in 10% of the land mass around the coastal area
  • Remote areas have difficulty accessing care, travelling over 200km for care along poor roads
  • Per head of population allocated health care spend is 10 times less than UK

There is an urgent need to upskill and improve the knowledge base of Libyan midwives, which will improve the health and wellbeing of the Libyans whilst also helping the country’s health sector improve retention of its own midwives.

A delegation of Libyan midwives and obstetricians came to RGU to learn new methods of teaching which they found invaluable as reflected in the feedback below –

“This course is extremely valuable and has an excellent balance of practical and theory sessions which show the most effective ways to teach modern midwifery.

My colleagues and I will use all of the knowledge and experience we’ve gained during our visit to help improve healthcare in Libya, especially Midwifery.”

The development and delivery of the course in Libya is aimed to be completed with in 18 months.

For further information please contact:

Jayne Forrest   l.forrest2@rgu.ac.uk

Tracy Humphrey t.humphrey1@rgu.ac.uk

Find us on Twitter – @MidwivesRGU


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