Return to Malawi Moments

Thursday 12th February.

Jane and I have been in Lilongwe now since Sunday. We arrived to a hot, cloudy, and humid day. Escaping from the icy north of Aberdeen. There have been a few thunderstorms and torrential downpours. The scenery is very different from last December, there is lush green vegetation all around with a blast of colourful flowers and a lot less dust.

On our arrival there was no internet connection at the hotel. At last though we have connection. So here is the start of our Malawi moments for 2015.

Our week so far has been full on. We have delivered our Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care train the trainer programme to our Malawian clinical and college tutor colleagues. This was an enjoyable and fun experience for all. There was a lot of shared learning. At the end of the 2 days we supported 12 colleagues, 6 from the south and 6 from the north to plan the delivery of the programme to Community Midwife Assistants. We plan to deliver these sessions Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Jane travelling north to Mzuzu to support our colleagues there and me to the south in Zomba.

In the meantime we are delivering for the first time our new programme on Human Rights in relation to respectful care. Stay tuned for an update.

It has been great so far to be able to meet with friends from previous visits and catch up with news as well as forge some new friendships.


Donald & Jane


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