Farewell Malawi

All too soon it is time to be leaving again. Final work to create assessments for the Community Midwifery Assistants in their clinical placements has gone well. Small expert group of tutors from key colleges as well as representatives from the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Malawi, Midwives Association of Malawi and senior clinical midwives worked to refine content of 6 assessment tools to cover areas of antenatal care; care in labour; postnatal care; neonate care; family planning and care of the healthy child to 5 yrs. Impressed at how much we got done and the way in which all reached consensus.They will now go to the Nursing and Midwifery Board for approval. Working with tutors we had met before during mentorship and emergency skills training was a highlight.

New groups of CMAs have just taken their final exams so are waiting to hear their results in June and hopefully will soon be heading out to work in their local communities.

After some more hours over the computers and editing/ formating documents we had a short visit to the local market and then the honour of joining a bridal shower with Dr Ann Phoya. It was a wonderful, women only event with much dancing, singing and giving of advice.

So now we sign off with some pictures of the colours of Malawi.

Liz & Jane

Picture2 Picture3 Picture7

traditional medicines

traditional medicines


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