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Digitising the Ongoing Achievement Record (Scotland)

The school has been busy over the winter months with two large e-Learning projects, one of which has been digitising the paper based placement documentation (OAR Scotland).  The OAR is a nationally agreed document and as it has been validated by the Nursing And Midwifery Council, the content cannot be changed. The Electronic Clinical Assessment Tool project lead was Senior Lecturer e-Learning and Innovation Dr Fiona Work with the digitisation work led by e-Learning Adviser Gavin Innes, working closely with Senior Lecturer Practice Learning Alison Brown and the wider Practice Education team.

In late 2015, the school purchased a system called Myprogress from MyKnowledgeMap®, a UK based company developing e-portfolio and online assessment tools.  Myprogress differs from its competitors having an off-line facility using a mobile app.

The challenge was how to learn how to use this new system quickly and create something that would be used by hundreds of students and mentors (i.e. getting it right!).


Student view of the online system

The OAR has around 300 pages of information and forms with many of these transferred quite easily into online web pages and forms.  The most fundamental issue we came across was how do we develop a secure system for mentors that the identities of which we do not yet know?  Our solution was to deploy all the online forms to the students, just as we did with the paper copy.  Therefore, like the paper copy, the mentor would sign the forms.  However, this time they would be signing the documentation electronically using their e-mail address, which in turn sends them a secure password – one of the features that was not present on the paper OAR.

The continued expansion of the system and on-going task of administration is in the process of being handed over to Clare Smith, a Senior Clerical Assistant, who has risen to the challenge and embraced the new system.   The first small cohort of students are currently out on practice now. So we eagerly await their feedback to see what they and their mentors think of our new creation.

More information: www.rgu.ac.uk/myprogress


Innovation in Teaching by Video

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e-Learning Strategy

In 2015, the School of Nursing and Midwifery adopted a new e-Learning strategy which included the adoption of the 3E Framework (Smyth 2011). The 3E Framework based on an Enhance-Extend-Empower continuum was developed, with “illustrative simple-but-effective examples that might be incorporated as a minimum (Enhance), through to uses of technology that give students more responsibility for key aspects of their learning (Extend), and to underpin more sophisticated, authentic activities that reflect the professional environments for which they are preparing (Empower)” (Smyth 2011 p1).

The three broad stages within the 3 E framework continuum are:

  • Enhance: Adopting technology in simple and effective ways to actively support students and increase their activity and self-responsibility.
  • Extend: Further use of technology that facilitates key aspects of student’s individual and collaborative learning and assessment through increasing their choice and control.
  • Empower: Developed use of technology that requires higher order individual and collaborative learning that reflect how knowledge is created and used in professional environments. (Smyth 2011)

Throughout the pre-registration curriculum, in creating the blended learning modules, academic staff will be considering the 3E Framework, and what it generally indicates about the kinds of changes to learning, teaching and assessment practice that can be effectively supported through technology.

In a recent visit, author Keith Smyth gave the school an overview of the framework.  The video is available below.

SMYTH et al., 2011. Benchmark for the use of technology in modules:3E framework designed and developed by Keith Smyth. Edinburgh: Edinburgh Napier University.

Fiona Work, Senior Lecturer
Gavin Innes e-Learning Adviser
Errol Luders e-Learning Adviser